New Album Release by Miles Eddy

August 21, 2024 Album Release Party

Voices by Miles Eddy

"Classical Inflow"

Piano Improvisations by Miles Eddy

Pre-Release: August 31, 2023
Release:  September 21, 2023

“Classical Inflow” is part of a series of jams recorded directly to disk between 2020 and 2022.  

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The Music of Miles Eddy

Hypnotic Soundscapes of Electronic Music Since 1979

Flow State Journeys

A series of live jams recorded directly to disk in 2020 and 2021.


The Wizard's Fool

In 2002 Miles returned to his music mastering several compositions from earlier pieces from the '80s.


Miles High

Some of the earliest music Miles recorded while in College previously only available on cassette tape.


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Flow State Journeys
New Release - November 21, 2022

“Flow State Journeys” manifested as a series of jams recorded directly to disk in  2020 and 2021 after turning off most the tech and finding my flow-state.  Largely forgotten through the COVID years, I  discovered in 2022 that I had a whole album of new music, the first in over 20 years!

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Flow State Journey #1

Emotional Energy and
the Streams of Cosmic Perspective

As an original multi-track jam, there are moments when the harmonies build up to the impending change but have to hold back, and hold back, and then finally reach the acoustic destination of the previous improvised track.  The overall emotion of this musical story-telling is one of anticipation and a drive towards the unknown, musically and otherwise.  Electronic music jam recorded February, 2020 in Bloomington, Indiana.



TESTIMONIALS - Flow State Journeys

"I just spent hours listening to your new album, it is because I didn't want it to stop. I have been a fan of electronica since I was in my teens so I have listened to a lot of synth music over the decades. In my opinion it's much more “chill” and listenable than Phillip Glass, more uplifting than Brian Eno's famous Ambient series. It's less frenetic than Jean-Michel Jarre but just as good as any of these famous artists including the likes of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk. You can be proud of your 2022 album. I think it is your best work to date and is as good as anything produced by the big record companies. Well Done! "


-- Daniel E Schenck (March, 2022)

Musical Stories for Cinematic Soundscapes

Prerelease Release November, 2022

Music for Film and Video!

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  1. Epic Adventure Call to Action - Energetic Cinematic Orchestral
  2. Playful Search for Assistance - Percussive Strings Orchestral
  3. Departure - Plucked String
  4. Trials into Darkness - Mystery Electronic
  5. Approach and Anticipation - Echo Electric with Timpani
  6. Crisis - Edgy Ambient into Electronic Rendezvous Soundtrack
  7. Treasure - Bell Piano Revelation Jam Around Flowing Sands
  8. Climatic Results - Dramatic Cinematic Orchestral
  9. Return - Driving Electric Bass
  10. New Life Discontentment - Deep Thoughts Electric Piano & Synth
  11. Resolution - Reflective Vangelis Electric Piano
  12. Status Quo - Uneasy Orchestral Strings with Oboe Lead
  13. Pensive Call to Adventure - Piano with String Padding
  14. Prologue - Transcending Piano with String Padding
  15. Closure - Ambient
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Musical Stories for Cinematic Soundscapes

Full Album - Artist Proof April, 2023

Image yourself sitting in a large theater with popcorn.  The lights go down, the music starts, and the story begins.

When listening to this soundtrack, what story comes into your minds-eye?


Send your comments and any glitches or other problems you hear in this artist proof to [email protected] 


The Wizard's Fool
Released January, 2002

In 2002 Miles returned to his unfinished compositions and piano pieces from the ‘80s and re-performed and digitally mastered multi-track versions of earlier pieces to create the album “The Wizard’s Fool”.  Some tracks, like “Trilogy Part 3” and “Reflections”, use the original acoustic Baby Grand piano performance from 1997 with synthesized harmonies added in 2002, and other tracts use the original music files from when the piece was created (between 1981 and 1996).  “Shahairizon” was a new original piece in 2002 and the first (and to date the only) piece that uses his voice.


The Wizards Fool Track #1

Vortex - The Birthing of the Wizard

Sets the stage for a fantastical music journey and parity-play centered around three characters on a journey to reuniting our fractured spirits.  The flowing musical sound-scape of Vortex climaxes to the birthing of the Wizard through the timeless Vortex in the stage-show that this music is the soundtrack for. 


Beyond the Music

The Wizards’ Fool is the story of a fractured spirit reuniting itself. It is a morality-play about bringing our fractured communities back together. The ultimate expression of this story is as a full production multimedia extravaganza centered around a positive message with the intention of having a book, music CD, and the foundation for a public speaking series based on my memoir An Optimist Path through Cynicism and Reflections on My Father The Reverend.


Miles High
Recorded 1983

Released December 21, 2022

The first two cassettes miles complied where "Miles High" and "Miles from Nohere" from some of the earliest music Miles recorded.  This album is being release to streaming music sites and is available for sync licensing for film, TV, and podcasts.


Miles High Track #1

Limits Edge

Originally release on cassette in 1983, this 2022 re-release is a step towards living the dream of bringing the music of Miles Eddy to a larger audience.  This dreamy soundscape is track #1 from his first, unreleased album called Miles High.  Contemplative and mystical for calm and brainwave entertainment, it was recorded while Miles was a student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.


Miles from Nowhere
January 1, 1983

The second unreleased album Miles complied in 1983 from some of the earliest music Miles recorded.  This album is being release to streaming music sites and is available for sync licensing for film, TV, and podcasts.


More Music by Miles Eddy


Between 1981 and 1986, Miles recorded a mix of mostly improvised compositions that he assembled in 2000 to create “Milestone 2000

Available upon Request


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There is something strangely compelling about the sound of electronic music.  Miles' music has always had this quality to play with the brain and work the subconscious mind and there is an unmistakable story-telling quality to this music.