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Having a Creative and Meaningful Life Helping Others

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Public Speaking and Podcast

An Optimists Path through Cynicism

A journey though the pitfalls of cynicism and the motivating force of optimism to heal and transform ourselves and the world.  Host Miles Eddy shares a personal journey of self-empowerment and the risks of falling into the abyss of mental anguish and isolation by succumbing to feelings of hopelessness and cynicism.  By sharing our stories we find hope and clarity as we depolarize our communities and foster positive change in the world. 

  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Depolarizing and Team Building Workshops
  • Reflections on My Father the Reverend


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An Optimists Path

An Optimists Path through Cynicism

Join host Miles Eddy for the monthly podcast where he shares a journey of balancing self-empowerment and cynicism. 

  • Episode #1: Peace IS Possible
  • Episode #2: The Three Pillars of Optimism
  • Episode #3: Juggling for Mind/Body Connection
  • Episode #4: Heartfelt Marketing Academy


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An Optimists Path PODCAST

The Music of Miles Eddy

Miles Eddy discovered the hypnotic soundscapes of electronic music in the late 1970’s.  It became sound-healing for him connecting him to a part of his subconscious he was not otherwise aware of.  He is now living his college dream of performing a live multimedia stage show extravaganza focusing on an inspirational message of personal healing.

  • Music Streaming and Downloads for Brainwave-Entertainment
  • Music for Film and Video
  • Live Performance and Background Music


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The Music of Miles Eddy


Juggling for Mind/Body Connection

Mindful juggling workshops are starting soon! Join the waitlist to be the first invited when cart opens and receive a significant discount as a founding member of this new beta program.

Learn to feel the music of mindful throwing and catching as it becomes biofeedback for your mind/body awareness! Pass objects with others to gain the benefits of mindful connection.

  1. Learning the MIND of Juggling
  2. Juggling as MOVEMENT Meditation
  3. The MUSIC and DANCE of Juggling
  4. Passing and CONNECTING with the Juggling COMMUNITY
  5. The CULTURE of Juggling for PEACE

Shows / Workshops / Lessons

Juggling for Mind/Body Connection

The Wizard's Fool and The Juggling Jester

The Wizard's Fool

A Musical Multimedia Stage Show Extravaganza
about one soul who made a difference reuniting our fractured spirit.

The Wizard's Fool

"Sebastian" The Juggling Jester - Professional Fool
Shows & Workshops

Modeling the Renaissance Jester, “Sebastian” demonstrates the sport and art of juggling and the historical importance of the professional “Fool”. He not only juggles three, four, and five balls, clubs, rings, sticks, knives, and more, but is also a musician and juggling instructor.  With over 35 years of experience, he will give you the Royal treatment!

The Juggling Jester


Having a Creative and
Meaningful Life Helping Others


Public Speaking / Performance /  Workshops


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