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Heartfelt Marketing Academy

Air Date: March 28, 2023

Do you have an inspirational message, story, or cause you want to put out into the world so you can build a tribe of people wanting to be a part of positive change in the world?  In this episode of An Optimists Path through Cynicism I talk about balancing the mission and message as a Compassionate Creative with the need to have adequate cash-flow in order to get the work done, which is why I created Heartfelt Marketing Academy - marketing when money isn’t the primary objective.

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Juggling for Mind/Body Connection

Air Date: February 28, 2023

Juggling has broaden my awareness of mind/body connection while connecting me to others through both social juggling and as a performer. In this episode of “An Optimist Path through Cynicism” I share how juggling has become a movement meditation for staying grounded through cynicism and how juggling with others connects us to a larger community seeking positive change in the world.

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The Three Pillars of Optimism

Air Date: January 31, 2023

What are your pillars for maintaining optimism? In this episode, Miles Eddy describes his three pillars: Mind/Body, Creativity, and Community. He gives his insights while on his walks at his studio near the edge of the Colorado wilderness and describes how juggling and music are the common thread in his mission for building a better world. He shares from his recent music release party after 40 years of working on his dream of integrating music and an inspirational message into an immersive multimedia show. Finally, he shares his experience of finding community and shared experience including with his Hospice work at life end.

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EPISODE #1 - Peace is Possible

Air Date: December 13, 2022

When thinking about “World Peace” it usually evokes an attitude of impossibility which can lead to cynicism and despair.  In this inaugural episode of the podcast “An Optimist’s Path through Cynicism”, Miles Eddy introduces his vision of using our creativity and compassion to tell our own stories of healing to connect us with others through music, story telling, and the performing arts.  He beginning with a monologue from his walks on the edge of the Colorado Wilderness where he lived for 20 years and tells us about his project “The Wizard’s Fool” which includes using juggling to connect people.  Guests include peace activist Machai St. Rain, who talks about why peace is possible, and the late Reverend Robert M. Eddy, father of producer Miles Eddy.

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Viewing Date: December 27, 2022
EPISODE #1 - Peace IS Possible

 0:00 Introduction to Watch-Party by Miles Eddy

 3:57 Start of Podcast Video

28:16 Closing Comments from Watch-Party by Miles Eddy

The Three Pillars of Optimism


 Juggling for Mind/Body Connection

Learning to feel the “music” of mindful throwing and catching becomes its own biofeedback to your awareness between what your mind intends and what actually happens!

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Juggling for Mind/Body Connection

Curiosity and Creativity

The Wizard's Fool

A Musical Multimedia Stage Show Extravaganza about one soul who made a difference reuniting our fractured spirit.


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The Wizard's Fool

Compassion and Community

An Optimist's Path through Cynicism 

Together we build Community.  Here are some other project  supported by Miles Eddy.

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An Optimist's Path

A personal journey though the pitfalls of cynicism and the power of telling our healing stories to transform ourselves and the world.

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An Optimist's Path through Cynicism
Episode #1: Peace IS Possible

December 27, 2022, 7pm ET

Join Miles Eddy for a LIVE viewing of the inaugural world release of the video podcast “An Optimist’s Path through Cynicism: Episode #1 – Peace IS Possible!”  Please RSVP for this shared experience by filling out form above and clicking REGISTER.  After watching this 27 minute video together, we will open up the Zoom call to your questions and perspectives about peace, optimism, and what it means to be a compassionate creative.

An Optimist's Path through Cynicism

Having a Creative and Meaningful Life Helping Others

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 A journey though the pitfalls of cynicism and the motivating force of optimism to heal and transform ourselves and the world.  By sharing our stories we find hope and clarity as we depolarize our communities and foster positive change in the world.