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Once your video is produced, now what? Midi Age Productions can now help you market your video on-line. We can either manage your video files for you, or can create your own TrafficGeyser account to upload your video to dozens of social networking sites.

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“Tales of Success” Featuring McCarry Reynolds

Here is a fun video that my nephew McCarry Reynolds featured in as Mr. Rabbit.  I like this video both because of the message of success, and because of its twist on an old folk tail.


As a professional videographer, I’m thrilled to see another member of the family get into the business, albeit from the theatrical side of things.


Blanca Peak Technologies Shows the Way

Kelly Gerards of Blanca Peak Technologies has been helping me with ways to use social networking as part of my marketing efforts. I encourage you to check out his site. Very interesting and useful stuff! Thanks Kelly!

Miles Eddy
Midi Age Productions


Promotional Video for SLV Regional Medical Center

One of my higher profile clients include the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center in Alamosa, Colorado.  The video below is one of three videos produced primarily for physician recruitment.


Welcome to Midi Age Productions

Miles Eddy at WorkWelcome to Midi Age Productions. In this blog I will share with you the process of growing Midi Age Productions, a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Miles Eddy since 1983, from a personal platform to generate income from my creative ambitions, to a viable production company. My personal objectives include having an audience for my work, while my professional objectives include generating enough cash flow to pay myself a living wage, as well as to continue to invest in the technology I depend on to facilitate creative expression.

I hope to post weekly articles that cover anything in the following categories:

1) Creativity – The creative process is at the heart of why I want to create an on-line presence. Articles in this category will share with you tips and tribulations about my struggle facing my art in order to make a living.
2) Business Plan–Like most artists, I struggle with the business side of things. The business plan will be a “living” document designed to help me learn to “sell myself” and otherwise define the objectives of my business.
3) Podcast – Posts about the podcast and/or about creating the podcast.
4) Video – Posts about specific video projects.
5) Radio – Post about audio projects (other than podcast) such as community radio, etc.
6) Music – Posts about using music in productions, both original and computer generated, and about being a musician.
7) Performance – Though media productions is the main focus of my business, I am also a professional juggler and performer. This category is about performance issues, both live and recorded, including being “talent” for videos and audio, and being a professional entertainer (juggling, music, etc.).

I look forward to interacting with you and encourage your input. I invite you to check out my web site at www.mileseddy.com. Thank you!

Miles Eddy (owner and entrepreneur)
Midi Age Productions
(719) 379-0308
P O Box 625
Fort Garland, CO 81133

© 2009 Midi Age Productions

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