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Mary Van Pelt

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Behind the Mask

Audio - KRZA radio news director, Kate Byrd talks with Alamosa artists Mary Van Pelt, Ray Jones and David Toth about their art on display at Milagros Coffee House. (13:49)

"Self-Disclosure in the Workplace"


"Unofficial Dump"


Mary Van Pelt
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Community Radio
Independent Producer
Mary Van Pelt

Mary Van Pelt began producing community radio with Midi Age Productions in the spring of 2004. She is a human rights activist for people with psychiatric disabilities.

Mental Health Activist
Broadcast Versions available via Miles Eddy on the
Public Radio Exchange (PRX)
Email: mary@maryvanpelt.com


Mary Van Pelt speaks about mental health issues.

Photo by Ruth Heide, Valley Courier

Mental Health Interviews

Richard "Dad" Morgan

Richard Morgan, affectionately know as "Dad" Morgan, taught history at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado. He was known for coming to class in costume and organizing the annual southwest field trip.

PHOTO: Richard "Dad" Morgan

Richard "Dad" Morgan


Unofficial Dump (by Mary Van Pelt)

  • Listen to "Unofficial Dump" (3:41)
    After I wrote The Unofficial Dump I realized that it was also a metaphor for my life. Ive dealt with mental illness in my life for more than thirty years, and although I now appear healthy and well on the surface, I deal with a significant amount of inner turmoil on a daily basis like the unofficial dump, junk has been moved underground.
  • Transcript of Unofficial Dump.
    © Copyright 2006, Mary Van Pelt. For individual use. For permission to reprint please contact the author at mary@maryvanpelt.com.

Technology Simplifies Everything

History of Radio and TV

Mira St. Sava

Yvonne Beauchamp Nichols


Sitka, Alaska

Elenor and Austin Van Pelt talk about their mission work in Sitka, Alaska, 1957 - 1961. (28:30)

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